LSR Styling is a customizable wardrobe consultation, organization, and personal styling firm.

Our mission is simple. To empower you to feel confident in and excited by a wardrobe that works for every day of your life– whether it’s a board meeting, running errands, or a special night out. What you wear and how you feel in it are direct extensions of who you are.

Lauren takes a highly individualized approach to guide clients through all steps of the wardrobe curating and personal styling landscape in an honest, supportive, and relaxed fashion.

It may be creatively editing down what you already own so it feels like you have a new wardrobe that actually works for you, or enhancing it by thoughtfully incorporating key additions.

what sets lsr styling apart

  • We address your wardrobe holistically– it’s not singularly closet organization, personal styling, or shopping– but rather the combination of services offered that affords us a unique perspective and advantage in guiding clients.
  • We organize your space to act like your own personal boutique, rooted in fundamental visual merchandising guidelines.
  • We encourage you to optimize what you already own to work for you in new and fresh ways, without you feeling like you have to spend on an entirely new wardrobe.
  • We tailor our services to fit your needs, your comfort zone, and equally as vital, your budget.
  • We remove time consuming guesswork in order to free you up to focus on what matters to you (because let’s be honest– there’s a whole lot else going on in the world aside from wardrobe woes).


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